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September 5th, 2022    

Do Psychedelics Help Us Connect To God? Responding to Mikhaila Peterson | Unapologetic 93

Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson's daughter, claimed that hallucinogens helped her connect to God and that they played an instrumental role in her journey to Christianity. What does the Bible say about drugs, and what role, if any, do they play in experiencing God?

August 29th, 2022    

Jordan Peterson’s Reasoning For Why People Are Leaving The Church | Unapologetic 92

Jordan Peterson, in a conversation with Bishop Barron, shared his thoughts about why people are leaving the Church. In this episode, Bobby responds to Peterson and the Church.

August 22nd, 2022    

3 MORE Reasons People Are Leaving The Church | Unapologetic 91

Bobby responds to 3 more reasons people are leaving the church. He also looks at 2 more clips from the Friendly Atheist.

August 15th, 2022    

3 Reasons Why People Leave The Church | Unapologetic 90

Three out of every five young Christians (59%) disconnect either permanently or for an extended period of time from church life after age 15. We look at some reasons why on this episode of the Unapologetic show.

August 1st, 2022    

The Worst Kind Of PTSD! | Unapologetic 88

Abuse is a serious topic and often causes PTSD. Bobby shares some of his story of being abused by the church and why it is so severe.

July 25th, 2022    

10 Books A Beginner Apologists Can’t Be Without | Unapologetic 87

We have received several questions about what books you should read as you begin your apologetics journey. Bobby has narrowed down his suggestions in this week's episode.

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist-
Reason for God-
The Universe Next Door-
A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics-
The Case for Christ-
Mere Christianity-
Doubting Toward
The Fifth
On Guard-

July 18th, 2022    

Pastors Drinking Wine In Public and Other Questions | Unapologetic 86

Highlights from recent Pastors' Perspective shows. 

July 11th, 2022    

Is Yahweh A God Of Regret? | Unapologetic 85

How human-like is God? When the Bible says that God is our Father, what does that mean? When the Bible says that God regrets, does that mean he didn't know the future? We answer these and more on today's episode of the Unapologetic show.

July 4th, 2022    

The Church In A Post-Roe America | Unapologetic 84

In May of 2022, a draft opinion was leaked from the Supreme Court indicating that Roe Vs. Wade would be overturned. The church better be ready when this happens, but what does that look like? We cover that and more in this episode of the Unapologetic show.

June 27th, 2022    

Why I Changed My Mind On These 3 Theological Views | Unapologetic 83

Have you ever changed your perspective on a theological matter? I know I have, and Bobby has as well. Bobby will reveal three positions he has shifted on over the years.

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