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April 25th, 2022    

The True Superhero with Frank Turek | Unapologetic 74

Dr. Frank Turek talks about his new book Hollywood Heroes.

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February 21st, 2022    

Segregation In The Church | Unapologetic #65

January 31st, 2022    

The Church’s Response To Homosexuality | Unapologetic #62

A recent survey showed that greater than 50% of Americans perceive three religious groups to be unfriendly to LGBT people: the Catholic Church (58%), the Mormon church (53%), and evangelical Christian churches (51%). It seems those numbers will continue to increase as time goes on. So how should the church respond to the LBGTQ community?

January 24th, 2022    

Unpacking The Deconstruction Process | Unapologetic #61

Bobby has handed this episode of Unapologetic over to me, and I will unpack the process of deconstruction. It is no secret that people ask big questions about the faith they grew up with and often leave it altogether. Today I look at why.

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December 6th, 2021    

Fifth Most-Popular Unapologetic Episode of 2021

Thanks for checking out this episode of the Unapologetic show where we defend truth without comprise. We are counting down the top 5 episodes of the last year. Just a reminder, we are a listener and viewer-supported ministry. There are three ways you can support this show. One is to join our financial support team at and click donate. The second is to purchase some OMA merch that can be found below any of our videos on YouTube. The third is like this video, subscribe to our channel and share this with your social media network. Let's look at the fifth most-watched episode this year.

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November 22nd, 2021    

Popcorn And The Story Of One Minute Apologist | Unapologetic Episode 52

Bobby looks back and looks ahead.

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November 1st, 2021    

How Should Christians Think About Halloween? | Unapologetic Episode 49

Bobby looks at the origins of Halloween and discusses how Christians should think about several popular elements of this tradition. 

October 11th, 2021    

Steps To A Healthy Church Through The Pandemic | Unapologetic Episode 46

Bobby looks at an article that looks at the practices of successful churches even through the pandemic. 

October 4th, 2021    

What Does The Church Need To Look Like In A Post Covid World | Unapologetic Episode 45

Covid has changed so much of how we live our lives. Bobby gives his thoughts on an article written by Thom Rainer that looks at what successful churches are doing despite the pandemic.

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July 26th, 2021    

3 Things That Push People Toward Progressive Christianity | Unapologetic Episode 35

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Do you ever doubt your ability to answer bigger than life questions like, “Why do I exist? What is the purpose of life? Can I know God? If so, how? Are miracles possible? And if God exists what’s with all the evil in the world? Do questions like these ever nag at you? If so, you’ve come to the right podcast. I too am a fellow wonderer who thinks about stuff like this.


I (Bobby Conway) am the founder and host of the rapidly-growing ministry, The One Minute Apologist, which is found on YouTube and at Here I provide quick, credible answers to apologetic questions that resource people with a hunger to defend their Christian faith. These videos will often include interviews. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the world’s leading Christian apologists. Among them are: William Lane Craig, Josh McDowell, Hank Hanegraaff, JP Moreland, Norman Geisler, Frank Turek, and many more.

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